Saving Lives


Carol has been a leader in addressing the epidemic that results in the death of over 400 Utahns a year from opioid-based painkillers and heroin.  In 2014 she passed the “Good Samaritan Law,” to encourage friends to call for help (HB 11) and the “Naloxone Rescue” bill (HB 119) which gives friends and families access to the life-saving drug Naloxone which can reverse an overdose.  In 2016 she passed HB 238 to expand Naloxone access to police, EMT’s, and to addiction and recovery centers.  Not only have these laws saved hundreds of lives, but they have also helped get individuals into a program where addiction is treated as a chronic, recurring brain disease.

Bills Carol has passed in this policy area:

HB 238, “Opiate Overdose Response Act” 2016

HCR 4, “Concurrent Resolution Declaring Drug Overdose Deaths to Be a Public Health Emergency” 2016

HB 119, “Opiate Overdose Emergency Treatment” 2014

HB 11, “Overdose Reporting Amendments” 2014



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